Fast Massive Bulk Product Data Importer

The application gets the latest Data Feed, adds new products, updates the prices and stock levels for PrestaShop, Magento, SeoShop – LightSpeed, WooCommerce, VirtueMart, XCart or OpenCart. Import module is capable to update your stock levels in according to a real time XML, CSV or WebServices Data Feed, handling product attributes (product combinations, configurable products) as colors, sizes.

It automatically updates products in consequent runs, and also disables (or hides) products that are no longer in xml feed (discontinued products). Module has its own administration settings interface allowing you to map supplier categories over your own, with definable product profit margins or marks-up. It’s fully customizable and extensible and we are able to modify the rules for the import solution according to your requirements.

A brief overview of import module functionality:

• The application inserts all available product details, updates the pricing schemes based on markup, margin, price ranges, category/manufacturer and part numbers.
• Only selected XML, CSV categories will be imported to the selected store categories.
• You can add your own product manually without any conflict with the import module.
• The module can operate with other import modules and with manually added products.
• Delete/disable products that are nonexistent in XML automatically
• The module deactivates the products if the quantity is 0 and activates it if the number of products is over 0.

Data Feed integration

Insert of catalog items– it adds the items to the store
Update of catalog – it synchronizes the stock levels and prices of products
Automatized Downloading of XML, CSV, Webservices Data Feed – it ensures the downloading the supplier’s data feed. Related products, upsell and cross sell features
Icecat integration – it updates product price, name, description, upc, category, quantity, images, manufacturer, cross-sells, related products.
SEO tools
Feed generation for price comparison websites and marketplaces like google base, bing shopping,, price grabber, ebay, amazon, sears etc Logs – you can see all import module activities concerning download the supplier’s data feed, insert, upload and update processes (synchronization).

Administration interface

Category mapping tool (CMT) - Our stand alone application
Automapper – the automapper maps all supplier’s categories which aren’t mapped to your own store category. Profit Margin settings / Mark up control – entry in percentual values. You can set it per category or per price ranges.

Order Fulfillment & DropShip

Order Fulfillment Integration service and synchronization software with an accounting software of supplier or dealer (updating of the stocks and prices)
We provide guideance & assistance regarding eSYNCer Import application.

Before you ask please read following lines.

How does the payment needs to work? Do I pay in front and the rest on completion?

You will pay deposit in advance and the rest when work is finished. You can use PayPal service or bank transfer service.

What is the price for the eSYNCer Customized Massive Importer ?

The price depends on the supplier’s datafeed. The price for integration varies from customer to customer. We provide you a budgetary quote for the job after you send us the supplier’s details (Product Data Feed, Integration Manual).

Who does install the eSYNCer Bulk Import Module Solution ?

Usually we install and set up the module to your online store by our eSYNCer team. It’s included in our service and it saves your time. You only provide the login credentials to us.

I want to set custom prices for specific products and preserve the price update for rest of products.

You want prices to be updated by module, but on other side you want to edit them manually – these two things are opposite to each other – module can be set to update prices or not to update prices. If it is set to update prices, then you cant modify them manually, because module will overwrite them. Only solution to this is a list of ignored products, to which you will need to add SKUs of products you altered manually, so module will not update their price.

Can you guide me to the steps of implementing your module?

The solution can be (and usually is) also modified according to your requirements. Once we finished initial integration you accomplish a thorough check of all products, looking for errors and report the additional requirements to us. Then we fix that.

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